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from the flow you know you’re meant to live.

… Even if you’re still hitting road blocks as you answer the burning purpose within you.

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Is your current state keeping you obligated to square dance

when deep down you're dying to disco?

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You know you have a Soul calling, and that you’re not here to hustle and grind to answer that calling.

Yet you’re still hitting stumbling blocks on your path to sharing your work in the world, and being fully supported by that work - without sacrifice!

You’re no stranger to personal development and you’re down to do the deep work to create clear intuitive connection, yet it’s time to see the outer manifestation simultaneously!

You know you’re a whole being with all you need inside you - but how the hell do you extract it and make it work for you?

Discover a simple and effective way to create inner and outer

alignment that’s unique to you!

Dear Unicorn, when you sign up for this training, you’ll…

  • Uncover the secret Soul energy that allows you take your foot off the gas and create success with flow.
  • Discover the energy blocks that are keeping you spinning instead of moving forward in your deep calling that you can’t ignore.
  • Uncover how to crack the code in your business and find the one thing that will actually move you forward - while creating safety to take the leap of faith!
  • Discover why the Akashic Record energy field is a simple and accessible tool to cut through the noise and tune into your highest alignment.
  • Learn how to bring more of your magic to the world in your own unique way!

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You're in good company...

"Our time together was not a 'cookie cutter' approach. It was all based on me, how I show up and operate in the world and my business needs.

Sarrah has the gift of being able to guide you to what can be done to improve your business. Areas you might not even see for yourself.

And when you land on them, it feels right and is easy to create and implement.

My business revenues have gone up – without a blip. I feel great about the foundational changes we made to my business."

"This work helped me figure out how to live my best life without feeling obligated or resentful.

It gave me new insight into why I wasn’t progressing in my business.

By learning about my Soul gifts, I was able to recognize them (put words to them), and use my gifts more effectively.

Instead of overthinking a situation while working with a client, I felt more comfortable knowing the process is exactly the way it was meant to be.

I learned what my Soul experienced previously and how it was holding me back. I feel much freer to speak my truth and talk about my exciting business.

This also helped me in my personal life. I realized why I deal with family members the way I do.”

Miriam Kaseff

Well Life With Miriam

"Sarrah is great at listening and really helped me dive deep into what has been getting in the way of me living a life where I’m fully self-expressed and being heard!

There was tons of insight gained and we recognized some blind spots that have been hindering my life and what was possible.

Also, we made an agreement to challenge myself, and my income grew 40% and I am super thrilled with that!"

Shane Stanton

Coach and Musician

Hi, I'm Sarrah.

I went from over giving and drained, to being of service as my unique self.

Image Credit: Naomi Reed Photography

I wanted to hide, “fit in,” and keep being perfectly pleasing to others. But it left me stuck, drained, and spinning my wheels.

I couldn’t ignore where my Soul purpose was calling me, and the path of allowing it to support me through sacred work.

Once I began to identify my misalignments and heal what was keeping me tied to my limitations and low self-worth, I unlocked the gifts of my personal Soul blueprint. I was able to trust my inner guidance to create a supportive life and business I love.

I believe you’re here to own your inner authority and intuition, so the benefits of your heart-centered work can flow like sweet nectar through your life, to those you’re here to support, and by extension, all of humanity.

We’re in a time of accelerated energy on this planet. For those of us with purpose and passion, doing heart-centered work, this energy can be turbulent, yet also an opportunity to make giant leaps forward.

My clients who do this work create big energetic shifts, so their inner and outer worlds align with their highest joy and purpose.

I know that when you create energetic alignment, you’ll experience a quantum leap breakthrough into deeper fulfillment, to enjoy the rewards of doing things your own unique way, giving and receiving in sacred reciprocity.

We're not here to do it all alone.

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The world is waiting for your unique flavor of magic!

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